The Cleaning Services You Need That Will Leave Your Property Sparkling Clean!

Is your place currently dirty? Maybe your office needs a little bit of vacuuming here and there? Are you thinking about rearranging the way your living area, here in Long Island, NY, looks like? My company, Yuri's Green Clean - Long Island, is here to provide you with these services!

House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning

Not everyone has the time to do the cleaning of their home. Getting in touch with a reputable company helps to ensure that your home will be spotless and sanitized. From dusting to tidying, and even ensuring that it smells fresh, I can do it all for you!

Office Cleaning

Your office is probably one of the places that get grimy due to heavy traffic. I will make sure that I am able to give your office the deep cleaning that it needs. Items will be organized in a manner that will make the office look aesthetically pleasing not just for your employees but for your guests and clients that come over as well. Your office will look brighter than ever.

Move-ins & Move-outs

Choose our company to clean the property you are moving out of or into, and we will ensure the job is done flawlessly. Our team will clean everything as thoroughly as possible and pay special attention to all the areas that accumulate more dust and dirt. Do not hesitate to hire us!

Organizing Services

Our company does all kinds of organizing work for the needs of local businesses and homeowners. We will keep your property neat and clean and can do various property maintenance tasks. Our team will ensure your home or workspace is in an orderly state, the way you like it. Contact us today!

If you ever need cleaning services in Long Island, NY, getting in touch with me at Yuri's Green Clean - Long Island will be a good idea. Need more information? Call (516) 218-3248.

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